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Voice of the Customer Solutions

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Customized Solutions:

J.D. Power’s expertise focuses on customer satisfaction with product quality, as well as the sales and service experiences. Our programs provide manufacturers and service providers with continuous performance monitoring to provide field- and retailer-level analyses. Besides our customized solutions, we also have pre-designed solutions such as:

Mystery Shopping:

J.D. Power’s Mystery Shopping approach assesses sales and service effectiveness from the customer’s viewpoint to identify the most pressing improvement opportunities at each “moment of truth”.  Our approach is fundamentally different from traditional mystery shopping:

  • It’s based and measured against customer satisfaction benchmarks established through J.D. Power research which spans across multiple industries
  • We employ a fast-launch, credible process for getting objective, actionable, and detailed live customer experience metrics across key customer touch points.
  • You receive direct customer feedback with immediate feedback tools and detailed and comprehensive online reports
  • Reports include prescriptive actions, customized by location specific data.


J.D. Power works with clients to design and develop tracking solutions that fit their specific information requirements.  We provide a comprehensive solution that goes beyond the actual tracking tool and includes:

  • A focus on overall program design, beginning with a systematic assessment.
  • A prescribed approach that is adapted to your specific needs and situation.
  • Flexibility to gather customer experience at various touchpoints.
  • Effective, efficient information delivery.
  • Closed-loop problem resolution.
  • Organizational onboarding and integrating the program with the business.
  • Coaching on areas for improvement.

Customer Acquisition and Retention:

J.D. Power has extensive experience in helping OEMs and their dealer networks align their retail processes to meet customer expectations. We work to highlight CX touchpoints by analyzing and improving key CX retail processes in conjunction with the end goal of satisfaction improvement and increased profit optimization. Thus, yielding the biggest return on customer retention and advocacy.

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