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Study: 2015 India Escaped Shopper Study

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Shantanu Nandi Majumdar, Director at J.D. Power Asia Pacific, discusses some of the findings of the study.

  • Chapter 1: First, could you explain a little about this study? I understand that we collect responses from buyers and rejecters. Could you explain these two terms?
  • Chapter 2: The study finds new-vehicle buyers in India increasingly considering models in the Utility Vehicle and Midsize car segments during the shopping process. What is fueling this growing interest? And how will this affect the Small Car segment in India?
  • Chapter 3: There is an upward trend in new-car buyers considering newly launched models but ultimately rejecting them. Why do shoppers reject new models? And what can automakers do to address these issues?
  • Chapter 4: How do you measure customer retention from the study? How do the different automaker brands fare?