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Advisory Solutions

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Retail Advisory Solutions:

Designing and implementing optimum CX processes is a critical but insufficient requirement for sustained CX excellence—OEMs must also validate the degree to which their dealer-partners deliver these processes consistently both across dealerships in the network and within each dealership over time. J.D. Power retail excellence evaluators are trained to use data to identify gaps in the quality and consistency of CX delivery and to help dealers identify root cause(s) to eliminate them.

In a world where most clients express frustration that they are ‘drowning in data’, the challenge becomes how to make sense of it all and determine real insight to drive operational and profit improvement. The J.D. Power Data Science team deploys state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methodologies and analytical tools to find patterns in a dataset or across multiple datasets to provide clients with descriptive, predictive and prescriptive Insights.

Our retail advisory solutions include:

  • CX Standards
  • CX Process Improvement
  • CX Performance Evaluation and Certification
  • Retail Employee Experience
  • Network Planning and Effectiveness
  • Field Staff Professional Development
  • Business Improvement

Product Advisory Solutions:

Quality problems are less often associated with actual defects or malfunctions and more often related to the ability of the product to meet customer expectations. J.D. Power helps automotive clients successfully understand and deliver on those expectations.

J.D. Power’s automotive consulting solutions help clients develop competitive advantages by integrating the Voice of the Customer into their strategic planning, development, supplier operations, and launch/production.

Product Development Process

  • Improve the product definition, targets, execution, and overall alignment to customer expectations.
  • Enhance processes used to identify and integrate the voice of the customer into the product development process.
  • Better enable utilization of voice of the customer information in quality gates and milestones.
  • Improve the use of voice of customer information in target-setting / trade-off process decisions.

Product Quality Improvement

  • The results of Vehicle and Component Evaluations generate a greater understanding of consumer and marketplace requirements.
  • The involvement of experts from various key markets ensures that multiple insights on the customers’ perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle are gathered.
  • The project provides insights that can be used for the sales process and for sales process training.
  • J.D. Power’s industry expertise based on the collaboration with OEMs across the globe allows for an outlook on future developments in the marketplace.

Manufacturing Improvement

  • Determine/improve plant capability for high quality launch/production.
  • Provides rapid and concise evaluation of the in-plant quality systems as they relate to effectively preventing, detecting, prioritizing and resolving problems from the perspective of the customer.

Provides definition and understanding of where gaps exist in in-plant quality systems (identifying and resolving customer defined problems) and taking appropriate steps to close those gaps.

For more information, please contact our Industry Experts.