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Frequently asked questions about J.D. Power Surveys, and information on how to contact us.

How can I get my name removed from J.D. Power lists?

Not interested in receiving our surveys? No problem. We respect your privacy and can add you to our official do not contact list.  You can opt-out online at  If you should receive an additional survey or contact from our company, please call us back so that we can take any additional steps necessary to remove your name from further contact.

Will you sell my information to someone else?

No, we respect your privacy and never provide or sell contact information/mailing lists.

Why do you want me to complete this survey?

J.D. Power compiles the opinions of consumers to provide feedback on the products and services they use. For example, using the information we gather, vehicle manufacturers gain insight to improve product design and performance, and to increase the safety of their vehicles. They also learn how consumers perceive the initial quality of their new vehicles, and the features they like and dislike. Consumers can view results from our studies on our Web site at, and your input can help other consumers make more informed decisions.

Can I complete the survey online?

If the cover letter included with your survey includes a Web site address and instructions, then the survey can be completed online.

I’ve misplaced or damaged my survey, can I get another one?

This depends on the survey.  Most syndicated surveys cannot be replaced, but often we can replace proprietary and tracking surveys. Please email us at with your contact information and the survey name and we will contact the appropriate research group.

Can you help me to resolve a problem that I’ve got with my product/service provider?

As a third-party market research company, we are not permitted to intercede on behalf of consumers.  However, we can forward written details of your problem to our research department for their reference.  We can also send your information to the customer service department of the product/service provider. Feel free to email us at with all of the details and your permission to forward to the product/service provider, if you’d like.

Can I request a survey from J.D. Power or provide my comments for a specific study?

Independence and integrity in our research is extremely important to us. That’s why we do not send out surveys on request. Our surveys are sent to consumers whose names are randomly selected from data maintained by independent companies. This helps us avoid any bias in the data.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at or toll-free at (888) 537-6937. 

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